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Velashape Machine for Cellulite And Fat Reduction

Working theory: Bipolar RF, infrared laser, vacuum Roller
Function: body shaping, cellulite reduction
Infrared wavelength::850nm
Voltage: 110-230V/50/60Hz
Certification: CE

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Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2

Vacuum roller machine is the popular technology on market, with the mechanical movement combaining with RF and Infrared, it can penetrate the skin depth of 15mm, so it is more than to reduce the deeper fat, but also effective to tighten and firm the skin,especially for the orange cellulite on thighs.

Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2


Cellulite reduction, body contouring ,wrinkle removal,skin tightening,circumferential reduction for the face,neck and all body

It’s suit for all body such as Abdomen,thighs,buttocks,flanks belly,limbs and eyelid etc. Facial lifting,wrinkle removal.eyelid tightening etc.

Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2

Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2

850nm Infrared Light

Warms up skin tissue fast to reach a great lipolysis result 

Bipolar RF

radio frequency) Heats up the skin tissue for lifting and firming results. 

Vacuum Massage 

Synergized with other technologies, it massages and gives a great lymphatic drainage result 

Mechanical Roller Massage 

The positive rolling grasps and massage the skin tissue gently and contineously.

Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2

Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum +/- Massage mechanism)

a. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters

d. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients

e. Enables heating at different depths 

Heating (infrared + radio frequency energies)

a. Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin 

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Increases metabolism of fat cells

d. Improves skin texture

Professional Vacuum Rf Cavitation Machine Roller M8+2


- Infrared light heats the tissue up to 2mm depth

- Radio Frequency (RF) heats tissue from 5 to ~ 15mm depth

- Vacuum +/- massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue

- Mechanical massage provides lymphatic drainage (dermal and hypodermal )

 Biological Impact of Treatment Increased -abolism leading to demarcated desired ana-bolic and catabolic alterations at predeter-mined skin components and depths


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Product Inquiry

Online Training

User manual and operation video are provided. Support online face to face training.


Three years warranty on host machine is given. Six months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts. 

OEM/ODM Service

We have our own R&D department with many experienced designers and engineers and many production lines. so we have the great capacity to offer you quality beauty machines according to your needs, ideas and samples.

Professional After-Sale

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help, please contact us once the machine has any problem. Good service will be offered.


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