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Cellulite Removal Machines for Sale

Technology: Vacuum Roller+ Infrared + 360 rotating RF
Function: Cellulite Reduction 、Skin Tightening
Application: Beauty salon, clinic, spa
Certificate: CE certification
Warranty: 365 days
Services: OEM/ODM
  • M9+6S

  • Bomeitong

M9+6S (2)


1. Unique 360° intelligent rotating cylinder handle, continuous long time operation mode, safe and stable.

2. The handle is equipped with an LED display to display the time and speed, and also has an LED display light pole, which makes it easier to control and adjust the rotation direction and speed on the body handle.

3, one key switch forward and reverse direction.

4. The silicone ball is flexible and smooth, effortless, the rolling process is gentle and does not sting, the action is gentle and even to push, massage and promote to achieve the best effect.

5, without strenuous massage beautician, easy to operate is safe.

M9+6S (6)

M9+6S (1)

M9+6S (7)

M9+6S (8)