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Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine

Technology:RF+EMS layered heating technology
Functions: Muscle building ,fat removal,body sculpting
Target Area: whole body (Body, Face, Legs/Arms)
Voltage:100V-120V, 220V-240V
Service: Factory price, OEM/ODM, 7days ship
Recruit distributors also provide to beauty salons around the world
  • RF6.0

  • Newangie

Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine

Recruiting distributors, also supplying global beauty centers

✔ Factory price

✔ OEM customization service

✔Fast delivery

RF6.0 加ems (3)

A radio frequency body contouring machine is a medical device that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to contour and shape the body. The machine is designed to target and heat the deeper layers of skin, which stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.This device combines layered heating technology for radical body shaping and fat loss。

new Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine for whole body treatment

RF6.0 (9)

Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine apply to the whole body:

Abdominal lipolysis, circumferential reduction of the abdomen and flanks, deep dermal heating.

Strengthening, toning, firming of the abs, buttocks, and thighs.

Combined with swirl handles for more thorough plasticity

new Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine 45 minute treatment

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Radio Frequency Body Contouring Machine principleRF+6.0 (4)

Experience and Results:

The procedure is a pleasant, relaxing experience. Since it’s nonsurgical, the process is completely free of anaesthetics or incisions. Most people describe the treatment as being like “a hot stone massage” — and while a little redness and sensitivity post-treatment are normal, you can jump right back into your normal routine, including exercise, immediately after you leave the doctor’s office.

As for the results, they can speak for themselves and in many cases results are immediate

RF6.0 加ems (2)