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Portable Ems Machine for Muscle Building Fat Burning

Technology: EMS +RF
Function: muscle building, body sculpting
Application: beauty salon, clinic, spa, center
Pros: Non-invasive, no downtime
Working voltage: 220V/110V
cooling system: air cooling
  • EMS23-RF

  • Newangie


New arrival Portable EMS Machine, a game-changer in muscle building and fat burning. Designed specifically for beauty salons, this portable device offers a range of benefits that will revolutionize your clients' fitness journeys.


Efficient Muscle Building:

Our Portable EMS Machine harnesses the power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to activate and engage muscles with precision. It targets specific muscle groups, creating intense contractions that promote muscle growth and strength. Your clients will experience enhanced muscle tone, increased muscle mass, and improved overall physique.


EMS handles features:

1. Shell material: flame retardant ABS, tasteless, non-irritating, skin-friendly;

2. 5M RF output, 170 ohm conductive rubber, uniform output energy and fast conduction;

3. Pure copper coil, high magnetic field strength, low heat generation, fast heat conduction, large treatment area, and the maximum output can reach 1.8 Tesla.

主图 (4)-ems

The body fat scale is provided free of charge when you buy the machine. You can easily grasp the health index of the body through wireless connection, and set the treatment parameters more accurately.

Health testing data: water, bone mass, skeletal muscle, weight control, obesity level, body shape, body age, health score, fat control, muscle control, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat index, standard body weight , nutritional status, etc.;


Convenient and Portable Design:

Designed with convenience in mind, our Portable EMS Machine is perfect for beauty salons. Its lightweight and portable design allow your clients to incorporate muscle-building and fat-burning sessions into their busy schedules. Whether they are at the salon, at home, or traveling, they can achieve their fitness goals without limitations. This convenient solution saves time and eliminates the need for bulky equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Appearance advantage:

- The whole machine process adopts the process of sheet metal bending and welding to ensure the strength and firmness of the shell. The matching gap is even and beautiful;

-The sheet metal adopts the process of spraying plastic first, and then spraying paint. The spraying can prevent rust and corrosion. Spraying paint can make the surface more textured, more beautiful and more upscale.

-Universal Android screen damping swivel bracket, elegant, simple, and highly recognizable.