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Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

1.Moistrization Deep clean tighten & nourish skin
2.Acne blackhead remove relieve auergy Deep
3.Rejuvenation increase elasticity
4.H2O2 moisturization Skin
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  • Hcbeautytech

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

Use 5 million skin analysis pixels to analyze the skin condition in high definition, formulate skin management plans through analysis, manage customer information, and compare before and after skin care. The skin tester and the hydrogen and oxygen small bubble device are integrated. The principle of intelligent temperature control softens the skin's keratin, deep cleans skin dirt, and stimulates the contraction and regeneration of collagen in the dermis.

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

Multifunctional facial beauty machine high quality hydra peels facial face cleaning

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

The skin tester allows you to have a very clear understanding of the test and analysis results and the actual condition of the skin. The vacuum negative pressure screw head fully combines the tiny bubbles with the exclusive liquid, and the screw-shaped suction head directly acts on the skin surface to open the pores and soften Cuticle, deep cleansing, hydrating and other multi-layered effects + radio frequency principle + ultrasonic principle

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

1. Using 5 million pixels, 200 memory, the number can be automatically increased or decreased when the memory is full, so that the deep layer of the skin can be clearly understood, and the customer's desire for many years has been realized. 2.Personalized selection (cold and hot functions can be selected according to skin and weather conditions), breaking through the technical level of traditional small bubble instruments, opening pores, softening cutin, making skin cleaner and deeper, improving skin grayness, blackheads, and leaving skin clean, white and supple. 3. Combining nutrients to supplement the cells with fine molecular atomization 4. Cold function: ice skin, shrink pores, calm skin Thermal function: stimulate collagen regeneration and enhance skin The hot and cold function is activated at the same time: for sensitive skin, repair skin cells from the inside out, protect the epidermis, calmly repair red and swollen skin 5. Use 2M and 4M frequency conversion radio frequency to lift the eyes, improve the fine lines and swelling of the eyes, and restore the look of the eyes! 6. With a vibration frequency of 1 million to 3 million times per second, the absorption rate of the product can reach more than 90%.

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

1.Suitable for any crowd 

2. Especially in areas with long-term makeup and severe air pollution 
3. Skin problems such as dull skin,
tiredness, blocked pores, thick stratum corneum, etc. 
4. Acne, acne skin

Oxygen Beauty Machine in Face Beauty Equipment

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1.Supply Better Technology and Service for Beautysalon/Spa, and minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Aesthetic market 
2.All of our machines are CE approved 
3.The technology for now is advanced, mature and steady 

4.Each machine will be seriously tested by the quality supervision departments for several times before whip to our clients. Insure the quality

H2O2 shrink pores ultrasonic cleaners 7 in 1 hydra facial machine

H2O2 shrink pores ultrasonic cleaners 7 in 1 hydra facial machine

H2O2 shrink pores ultrasonic cleaners 7 in 1 hydra facial machine

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Three years warranty on host machine is given. Six months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts. 

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We have our own R&D department with many experienced designers and engineers and many production lines. so we have the great capacity to offer you quality beauty machines according to your needs, ideas and samples.

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We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help, please contact us once the machine has any problem. Good service will be offered.


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