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Laser Power Supply Nd Yag for Tattoo Removal

Technology: yag &diode laser in one
Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm&1320nm
Functions: skin rejuvenation & tattoo removal &hair removal
Application: For Commercial & Home Use
  • BM21

  • Hcbeautytech

laser power supply nd yag

Diode ND YAG Laser Treatment System 2 IN 1


Therapeutic range: The treatment of hair removal such as the cheek, lip, beard area, neck, back, chest, armpit, arm, bikini, leg, etc.


1)Permanent hair removal of all pigmented hair on all skin types, contains tanned skin all over the year round.Tattoo removal and pigmentation removal ,carbon peeling skin rejuvenation
2)More lower consume cost for the material, which can use for a long time.
3)Enhanced cooling system.
4)Customized to fit your practice.
5) Original technology, virtually pain-free.

laser power supply nd yag

Diode Laser Hair Removal is the safest and fastest at the present. However, the primary chromophore for laser hair removal is melanin residing in the hair shaft. Secondly, melanin residing in the inner and outer root sheath may also act as a secondary chromophore. Based on selective photothermolysis principle, through specific wavelength, penetrate epidermis into dermis, optical energy was absorbed and translated into heat energy with restraining hair follicle tissues, and produce photothermal effect. It takes laser energy in hair follicle with rich in melanin, surrounding tissues absorb less even no energy, reach to restrained melanin of hair follicles and remove hair. Meanwhile, don’t hurt around tissues and virtually pain-free remove surplus hair; eventually, reach to permanent Hair Removal.


808 laser diode applications:

Safe hair removal on nearly all skin types, big spot size, much more efficient for big area hair removal.

1. Permanent remove the unwanted hair of all the parts of the body, such as face, armpit, back,legs and bikini line, etc, and removal all kinds of depth hair.

2. Effectively reach skin rejuvenation and whitening

3. No pain, no surgery, no down-time needed, no influence to the daily life and work.

4. Non-invasive treatment with high safety.

laser power supply nd yag

Suitable for all skin type!

We have detailed user manual and operation video for you reference, please don't worry about it.
(1064nm,532nm,1320nm)probes for different treatment


Advantages of picosecond laser:

Pigment clear rate is higher

Pigment removal speed is faster

Refused to stimulate melanin active again risk

Remove melanin colleagues and start repair mechanism

Won't damage the normal tissue

laser power supply nd yag

laser power supply nd yag

laser power supply nd yag