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HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4

Technology: Three style(Multi-line, Single-line, Lipohifu)
Treatment Area: Forehead, face, neck, chest, abdomen, leg
advantages: three style hifu handles with 12 pcs cartridges
Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Spa, Clinic Center
  • FU4-1S

  • Hcbeautytech


Our Advantages:

▶ The latest 9D HIFU machine can do the whole face and body

▶ Four types of work, hifu + 360 hifu + lipohifu+superconducting

▶ Final version 9D HIFU machine. Perfect results in just one treatment

▶1 year free warranty and lifetime technical support

▶ Detailed manual and video to ensure you can use this machine well

FU4-1S (3)

HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4


1.Body 13 mm.

2.Eye area 1.5 mm, 2.0mm.

3.Face 3.0 mm.

4.Face and neck 4.5 mm.

5.Body 6mm, 9mm, 12mm.

HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4

HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4


The device comes with a set of 2 cartridges to choose from. You can buy the rest of the cartridges separately.

13mm Emitter/8mm Emitter – High intensity focused ultrasound target at fat of 13mm/8mm(depth of penetration), heating up the fat tissue, combine with high energy and good penetration to resolve the fat, during the treatment, the triglyceride and fatty acid excrete by the process of metabolism, and the vessal and nurve will not be damaged.

Non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells.

The treatment area can pick about 2.5 cm of adipose tissue can be treated. Currently, the treatment site can be used for female abdomen, thigh, or buttocks, performing about an hour after a single treatment, cellular debris and excessive fat by the lymphatic transport system to the liver is absorbed, about8 ~ 12 weeks to the desired therapeutic effect.

1. Body thinner, skin tightening.
2. Fat reduction.
3. Body slimming, body shaping.
4. To promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism.

HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4

HCBEAUTY Hifu 9d Machine Face Lift Fat Reduction FU4


  • Intelligent design – Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, Easy to learn, safe and convenient.

  • Easy to move – There are four wheels that are easy to move.

  • Safety – selectively takes effects on the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly, and then the fat cells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of the human body’s natural endogenous metabolism. Meanwhile, the surrounding epidermis, blood vessels, and nerves remain unharmed. There is no risk of infection and trauma. A safe body shaping is promised.

  • Non-surgical treatment – No injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.

  • Convenience – The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset, no downtime, without any effects on normal life and work.

  • Effective clinical results – After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced; after 3 treatments, 5-8cm fat will be removed. Remarkable slimming results without bounce.

FU4-1S (4)

fu4 (1)

fu4 (2)