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Fat Freezing Membrane Medium

Name: cryolipolysis gel pads
Functions: Prevent skin frostbite
Size: three size(28*28cm), (27*30cm), (34*42cm)
Weight: 60g, 70g, 110g
  • ETGI

  • Hcbeautytech

fat freezing membrane medium

Type: Subsidiary Supplies


Model ETGI
Size 28*28(S), 27*30cm(M), 34*42cm(L)
Weight 60g,70g,110g
Quantity 1 pcs/bag
Usage used for fat freezing therapy.
Warranty 3 years
Application Beauty salon, spa and so on

fat freezing membrane medium

Small cryolipolysis gel pads - 28*28cm, weight 60g

fat freezing membrane medium

Medium cryolipolysis gel pads - 27*30cm, weight 70g

fat freezing membrane medium

Large cryolipolysis gel pads - 34*42cm, weight 110g

fat freezing membrane medium

fat freezing membrane medium


Q: What is cryolipolysis gel pads?

A:  Fat freezing antifreeze membrane is used for protection the skin during the cryotherapy therapy. It will protect the skin from frostbite.


Q: What's the size of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: We have 3 sizes of membrane: 28*28cm, 27*30cm, 34*42cm.

Q: What's the functions of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: The fat freezing antifreeze membrane can protect skin from cold injury under the temperature from - 40℃.


Q: What's the materials of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: The material composition is fibre (fiber ),  temperature inhibitors, essence, solubilizer, water, cellulose hydroxyl and polyethylene glycol. 

We are the manufacturer ofantifreeze membrane cryolipolysis. Welcome to contact us for the price.