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MSDS Approved Weight Loss Cryolipolysis Gel Pads

Name: cryolipolysis gel pads
Functions: Prevent skin frostbite
Size: three size(28*28cm), (27*30cm), (34*42cm)
Weight: 60g, 70g, 110g
  • ETGI
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Cryo fat freezing machine use diy antifreeze membrane

Type: Subsidiary Supplies


Model ETGI
Size 28*28(S), 27*30cm(M), 34*42cm(L)
Weight 60g,70g,110g
Quantity 1 pcs/bag
Usage used for fat freezing therapy.
Warranty 3 years
Application Beauty salon, spa and so on

MSDS Approved Weight Loss Cryolipolysis Gel Pads

Small cryolipolysis gel pads - 28*28cm, weight 60g

MSDS Approved Weight Loss Cryolipolysis Gel Pads

Medium cryolipolysis gel pads - 27*30cm, weight 70g

MSDS approved weight loss cryolipolysis gel pads

Large cryolipolysis gel pads - 34*42cm, weight 110g

MSDS approved weight loss cryolipolysis gel pads

MSDS approved weight loss cryolipolysis gel pads


Q: What is cryolipolysis gel pads?

A:  Fat freezing antifreeze membrane is used for protection the skin during the cryotherapy therapy. It will protect the skin from frostbite.


Q: What's the size of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: We have 3 sizes of membrane: 28*28cm, 27*30cm, 34*42cm.

Q: What's the functions of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: The fat freezing antifreeze membrane can protect skin from cold injury under the temperature from - 40℃.


Q: What's the materials of cryolipolysis gel pads?

A: The material composition is fibre (fiber ),  temperature inhibitors, essence, solubilizer, water, cellulose hydroxyl and polyethylene glycol. 

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