where to buy a shockwave therapy machine?

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Shock wave therapy machines are more and more widely used to treat all kinds of muscle pain and joint pain. 

We are one of the most professional shock wave machines manufacturers in China. 

All your requirements can be satisfied in our company. There are pneumatic version SW9 and SW11 for choices, electromagnetic version SW8 and SW10 for options. Let’s see what’s the differences. 

The principle of SW8, SW10 is electromagnetic:

An electric current passes through a coil which generates a magnetic field. This field produces a shockwave via the conductive membrane in surrounding water. The shockwave is then focused with an acoustic lens into the tissue.

The principle of SW9, SW11 is pneumatic (or electrohydrualic):

an electrode is submerged in a water-filled ellipsoid reflector housing. A high voltage is applied generating a shockwave between the tips of the electrode. The shockwave is reflected by the surface of the ellipsoid, thus focusing it into the tissue.

shock wave therapy system

In therapy the most commonly employed generation method is based on the pneumatic system, and the key reason for this is that a radial (dispersive) wave results. But some one think electromagnetic version is more precise. 

Each version has their own advantages. Please leave messages here, and let’s exchange more ideas about shock wave machines, thank you. 

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