diode laser hair removal for dark skin

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Diode laser hair removal machine for dark skin.

The most hair removal machine with beauty market influence and development prospects in2019

It is a portable machine with an all-white appearance and a unique design that is more suitable for beauty salons and clinics.

It can treat hair from all skin types, especially dark skin hair.


This is the 4th generation of our 808 nm equipment. Not only the design, the detailed construction and the select of high-quality accessories.

--Germany Delux imported laser bars.

--Germany imported pump.

--Japan imported button, tank and even the tiny seal rings

--Pure Sapphire for fast cooling ensure continue to work up to 24 hours. 

--Up to 20,000,000 shots guaranty.

This machine uses the most advanced diode laser technology and is the most effective hair removal machine. If you want to get rid of too much hair, please contact us.

diode laser hair removal for dark skin