Diode laser hair removal machine cost effective, factory direct high quality. Combines 755nm 808nm 1064nm 3 wavelength for all color skin type hair removal permanently. Very popular in salon / clinic and home use.

- Intelligent easy operation for easy use
- 3 in 1 wavelength for permanent hair removal
- USA imported laser bars for effective result
- Best TEC cooling system and Scientific water circle design for comfortable hair removal
- Fordable screen facilitates the operation
Good experience during the treatment
Fixed and sliding two operation modes aiming for different parts treatment
6 Language in the system
3 spot sizes for select
Guidance light for easy operation

Easy to operation

What results will you see?
New Version laser system painless treat for leg/arm/underarm/face/bikini/lip hair
Laser underarm hair removal can completely remove excess hair from the body, making the skin more rejuvenate.
After 3-5 treatments, long-lasting hair loss can be obtained, the regenerated hair is thinner, shorter, and lighter than the original.
The laser energy of the laser arm hair removal is professional and effective, and it does not stimulate normal skin. It is professional and effective.
Treatment Scope:
Permanently hair removal; High efficient, advanced professional hair removal treatment .
1. All kinds of hair on body such as hair on face, around lip area, beard, underarm, hair on arms, legs, breast and bikini area.
2. For all skin colors and all kinds of hair, complete hair removal of the scheme, the tight skin, tender skin and white skin.
Rapid hair removal for whole body
New Version laser system painless treat for leg/arm/underarm/face/bikini/lip hair
Full body within one hour
Leg, arms, underarm, etc about 15 Minutes
lip hair removal 10 minutes
Advantages of diode laser handle
High quality, Big spot size, 755 808 1064nm wavenelgth
According to our tests and customer feedback, 500W is the most good solution, (each target is 50W, a total of 10 targets) light, the spot area is 12*12mm, and the output in the energy is the most effective. The effect on the skin is also the best.

based on customer's needs:
powerful energy, you can also customize 300W.600W. 800W or 1200W for you.
It has a long life and is not easily destroyed. Power laser handle.
Two style laser wavelength handle for choice:
* Single wavelength 808nm diode laser handle for whole body hair removal
* Three built-in wavelengths, 810nm, 755nm and 1064nm simultaneous release:
  755nm: Specially targeted Blonde, hair, fine hair
  1064nm: Specially targeted dark,tanned skin
  808nm: Suitable for almost all hair type
Powerful internal structure
New Version laser system painless treat for leg/arm/underarm/face/bikini/lip hair
Why choose our laser hair removal machine?
* Sold more than 50 units each month, highly appreciate from all customers!
* Import America diode bar, Big power, keep shooting more than 2000 hours
* Combined 3 different wavelengths, any skin type and hair color with good result
* TEC Cooling system Importfrom Japan, best device for diode laser machine cooling!!!
* 5 million shot times guarantee (usually can shoot more than 20 million times)
Pictures show
New Version laser system painless treat for leg/arm/underarm/face/bikini/lip hair
About our comments
New Version laser system painless treat for leg/arm/underarm/face/bikini/lip hair
1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance
Factory price bring profit to your business
Perfect video and manuals training guide
Product safety and quality certification
 When you operate, you should pay attention:
1. conform to the direction of hair growth and press the skin treatment to ensure the maximum absorption of laser energy by the pigment in the hair follicle.
2. About the work head, before and after each pulse should be close to the skin, which can minimize the thermal damage of the laser to the epidermis, get the effect of drunkenness
3. Pay attention to the hand cleaning, then you will get a good result
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