New arrival ed shock wave therapy device

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Ed shock wave therapy device is a reliable good machine for personal use, it can be used to do ED treatment, and also can be used to do the tennis elbow and other pain for joints.

ed shock wave therapy

For ED function, we advised the following parameters:

1. Energy:5-30mj

2. Frequency:5-7

3. Shots: each reatment need 2000-2500 shots, there will appear how many shots you have used on the screen.

4. The time gap between two treatments is about 5-7 days

5. Total 5-10 treatment will get an excellent result.

And for ther function, like tennis elbow, other joints pain, the energy is from 30-185mj.

We did have other choice for the shock wave machine, it is same function and different appearence. And price is more or less. For personal use, this one is a nice choice.

ed shock wave therapy

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