Beauty LED light therapy mask acne treatment reviews

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beauty led light therapy mask

Every women want to looks younger, but there is a lot of skin problems make them very upset. Now there is a new technology to become more beautiful much easier and also convenient. More, it is more cost-effective.

Beauty LED light therapy mask utilizes an LED light source to treat various of skin problems. It has a very good effect for acne treatment. Please check the following advantages for our LED mask FM8:

* With 7 colors light, each color is with different wavelength, with different effective for the face.

* Can do both face and neck beauty. With microelectronics have a massage for the face.

* Can be used at home, 15-20 min per time, and2- 3 times per week.

* Before using the mask, need to clean the face and neck, and it is better to smear essence before using, it can help to accelerate much better.

* Now we updated our mask, we added the protective brackets on the microelectronic pins, so it is more comfortable when doing the treatment.

Beauty LED light therapy mask

It is a good choice for you whether you want it used at home, at clinic or to become a distributor. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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