shockwave therapy machine china

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shockwave therapy machine china

Professional Manufacture new Version Shockwave Therapy Machine From China

Fractional version shock wave devices represent the most advanced technology, and we updated them every year, not only ensure the best performance and also make some unique difference between other suppliers. 

Its parameters: 


0.5 Bar~5 Bar




2,000,000 shots


5 pieces standard: 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Advantages of shockwave therapy machine:

- High cute rate for all kinds of muscle pain and joint pain disease. 

Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)- up to 91%

Calcifying tendonitis of the shoulder- up to 91%

Plantar Fasciitis- up to 88%

Patellar Tendonitis/tendonosis (Jumper’s knee)- up to 87%

Achilles Tendonitis/tendonosis- up to 87%

- Own the patent rights, more unique and competitive. 

- Portable design, less shipping cost, more affordable. 

- The latest system with stable performance.

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