pico laser treatment for pigmentation

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Pico laser Treatment feeling: Hot, and a slight acupuncture, no pain, no bleeding. 1-2 days will escharosis, and about one week, the escharosis will be off.

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After the treatment, the matters need attention:

1. No spicy foo, no alcohol, no sea food in one week

2. Sun protection with sunhats and umbrellas in one week

3. Moisturizing the skin, smear the hyaluronic acid 2-3 time one day. And one facial mask one day (the facial mask must be bio clean, completely herbal)

4. 5-7 days, no water on the treatment parts, you can wipe the treatment part with sterile gauze using saline

5. No hot spring bath, no sauna in one week

6. Please do not use 532nm wave length in the summer


Forbidden group

1. severe scars or severe bleeding tendency

2. light allergic skin

3. the treatment site has inflammation and trauma

4. heart disease, hypertension and diabetes patients

5. Patients who are using hormone drugs

6. pregnant women

7. upper eyelids

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