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new pico laser for freckle skin whitening

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Pico laser is a new technology for removes pigmentation, tattoo, birth marks and skin whitening. And it is also the best result and most professional.

The energy emitted by the laser is applied to the pigment and the pigment is decomposed. At the same time, it promotes skin metabolism, enhances cell activity, and accelerates skin's ability to metabolize pigments and absorb nutrients.

Two wave length, 1064nm and 532nm, 1064nm is the most used, you can choose the wave length on our machine.

Treatment ranges:

1.Tattoo removal, such as eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line, and tattoo

2.All kinds of pigmentation , such as freckle, age pigment (flat on the skin), cafe spots, sun spots, chloasma, chorioplaque

3.Birth marks, such as nevus of Ito, nevus of Ota, red birth marks

4.Whitening doll treatment, it is mainly for shrink pores, skin whitening, increase skin elasticity, promote the absorption of cosmetics

5.Black doll treatment, it is mainly for oil skin, cleaning the dirty in the pore, also whitening the skin

pico laser machine

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