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What is 9D HIFU machine?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) uses precise, medical-grade ultrasound energy for non-surgical face lifts and body firming.

9D HIFU is the ninth generation of HIFU facial machines, offering higher power, less discomfort, improved safety and clinically proven results.
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✔ Patented design appearance
✔ Exclusive 3-in-1 multifunctional design(Hifu+360 hifu+Lipohifu handle)

✔ 12 working heads
✔ Intelligent operating system, very easy to operate

✔ Three times the effect of 3D HIFU
#new 9d hifu face lifting
New 12 line 9d HIFU technique for deep skin improvement
#360° hifu
Painless and effective with the 360 face rejuvenation technology
#Lipo hifu body shaping
Lipo HIFU technique to shape the body

Three style handles Help you to grow your business

9d Hifu machine is a professional medical beauty equipment for beauty salons, spas, health centers. It is manufactured using the latest generation 9D High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology with multi-line firing cartridges. It can be used for face lifting, wrinkle removal and other skin rejuvenation projects.

9d HIFU Cartridges:
Single lines: 1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm,
Multi-lines: 3.0mm, 4.5mm,6.0mm, 9.0mm,12mm
✔ Latest 9D HIFU technology with 8 cartridges
✔ smart modes for you: professional and guide modes
✔ More than
20,000 shots per cartridge, save your treatment time with up to 12 lines of injections at a time
✔ Quick & Short Treatment Time for face body lifting
* The radar engraving machine adopts the method of rubbing and rolling, 360° fine and no dead angle operation, the energy of each part is evenly concentrated, and the effect is better
✔ 360 degree line carving with 2 cartridges
✔ each cartridge with 40,000 shots

1.Facial Firming - Powerful tightening, lifting eyebrows, full nose and lips

2.Body Firming - Lifting to tighten arms, stomach, thighs

3.Improve skin elasticity - cell regeneration, elasticity enhancement
* Lipo hifu uses body ink cartridges of different depths (13mm, 8.0mm) to decompose and dissolve fat cells by focusing ultrasonic waves into heat energy of 65-70 degrees. The intelligent positioning system locates the desired fat cells.
A one-hour course of treatment can reduce the body circumference by an average of 2-6cm, which can play multiple functions of fat reduction, skin tightening and shaping. For local obesity,
it takes 1-3 times to achieve the desired effect.
1. Body thinner, skin tightening.
2. Fat reduction.
3. Body slimming, body shaping.
4. Promoting and accelerate the body's metabolism.
* Focal zone length: 5.0 to 25mm (0.5mm/STEP)
* Lipohifu treatment heads shot: 600 shots
* Treatment area: belly, arm,leg fat reduction
* Service:  OEM/ODM
9D hifu machines where customers get the maximum ROI, multifunctional design is ideal for salon beauticians

Delivery with 3-7 days

Fast ROI
With 3 in 1 (skin tightening & Body coutouring)HIFU Solutions you will quickly earn back your investment.

With HIFU Solutions the training is included

Support from HIFU experts

High configuration, high appearance, uniquely designed hifu equipment

The perfect solution for beauty salons
Enables businesses to start slowly and gradually increase their service offerings and technical capabilities.
Economical solutions for customer needs
We have designed various types of work features to give most beauty centers more flexible options to meet customer preferences
Invest in technology that pays off
skin tightening and body slimming treatments are very popular. By providing these services, your investment will pay for itself immediately.
Incorporate new technology into your practice to attract new customers
Hifu is a popular cosmetic technique that can expand your treatment offerings and bring in new business.
Guaranteed results for all customers
Provides a comfortable, painless treatment effective for all skin types. Your clients don't need any downtime for recovery.
Effective solutions for a variety of needs
In addition to facial tightening, our hifu equipment incorporates 360 dead-angle wrinkle tightening work heads and lipohifu fat removal work heads, all-round customer-oriented needs
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