Fractional co2 technology is a skin improvement device for the treatment of stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, vaginal tightening, and skin dermabrasion. Discover the optimum solution to a variety of skin problems with HCBEAUTY fractional co2 machine. With this machine, there is less invasiveness, and high efficiency is guaranteed. It works by gently removing the outer layers of the skin, thereby exposing a young and fresher skin to give you that youthful look. You are guaranteed to get:

- Fast results
- Less invasive procedure
- Meets your requirements
- No compulsory recovery period
- Great ROI


fractional co2 laser all thanks to the super fast and accurate scanner, results are ready in few minutes
Three Main Functions:

1. Remove acne scars,stretch marks and skin rejuvenation

2.Using laser to remove skin bumps, such as warts

3.Using laser to achieve vaginal tightening and rejuvenation
Three functions in one, highly cost-effective, can solve all skin problems

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Advantages Of Fractional Co2 Laser
Considerable benefit from a single treatment, quick return on cost for beauty centers
⭐ Fast Treatment
Picosecond laser reduces tattoo and pigment removal from 5-6 times to 1-3 times, dramatically reducing treatment and recovery time with fast and significant effectiveness.

⭐ Short Recovery Time
For recovery time, Picosecond laser machines need 3~6 hours after treatment, but traditional lasers need 2~3 days after treatment.

⭐ Safe And Comfortable
With precise positioning of the target tissue, Picosecond laser can remove all kinds of pigment and tattoo in a less short pulse, reducing damage to the skin.
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What is CO2 Fractional co2 Laser?

Fractional Co2 laser machine is the most advanced concept fractional CO2 skin peeling laser system, which is a simple, fast, efficient and comfortable device for wrinkle removal, scar smoothing, skin rejuvenation and vaginal tightening. It has three modes: Continuous & Fractional & Vaginal.
Fractional Mode Head
Ablative Mode Head
Vaginal Treatment Head
Fractional Mode Head
The target issue collects laser energy through a holographic lens that pixelates the beam to microscopic beams or pixels in a variety of ablation patterns.
Ablative Mode Head
When in an ablation mode, a high peel is emitted by the pulse.
Vaginal Treatment Head
This head is meant to tighten the vaginal.

High wattage, high energy, good effect

Common machines on the market have a maximum energy of 45 watts, while ours can be adjusted to 60 watts
High energy and stable, better effect

- The scan is accurate

- 60W laser, stronger energy, better effect

- Korea imported 7 jointed arms to conduct light , Heavy hammer for higher operational stability

- Smart and user-friendly interface

- Air cooling system, not need to add water, easy maintain

- Exclusive laser design, simple dimming, not easy to polarize. stable effect

- US imported Metal RF driver tube(coherent), stable quality and no lifetime use

- Customized open mode fixed focus frame, good operating field of view and convenient operation

- Patented custom multi-porous blow port keeps lenses clean and comfortable and cool for treatment

- Separate packaging
The metal frame and pipes are packed separately to ensure transport safety.
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