cryolipolysis remove chin fat

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Cryolipolysis remove chin fat without surgery – SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR DOUBLE CHIN

cryolipolysis remove chin fat without surgery

According to our clients requirements and the feedback from the overseas market. Many cryolipolysis machine just for the body slimming, but more and more clients also need to removal the double chin. So we research and design the newest cryolipolysis machine both for the body slimming and double chin removal(model: ETG50-5S) with our own patent.

We are professional manufacturer in the beauty line with 15 years experience, we have our own research and development department, and we update our machines every year, ensuring the most advanced technology and best performance. The ETG50-5S is our newly developed sixth generation cryolipolysis machine. 

We package the following 7 PCS working head together with this machine standard: CRYO Handle Size 100+CRYO Handle Size 150+CRYO Handle Size 200+2 PCS CR For Double Chin Size 120+ 2 PCS T Model Cooling Pad

So powerful and so advanced professional machine, even the price is attractive, please reply me for more details. We are waiting for your smart response. Non-invasive cryolipolysis machine with double chin removal function, you worth to have it. 

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