New technology Professional body contouring machine

Vacuum cavitation rf roller Machine

 Loose skin;
Improving skin turgor;
 Cellulite treatment;
Figure correction;
 Removal from local fat deposits;
 Skin tightening;
A unique technology of its kind, non-invasive, innovative, after deep processing of fat, increases the tension and elasticity of the skin, reshapes the contours, and also reduces the problem of our body circumference.

деловой стиль

RF roller machine is very popular in the world, now we have enough ready-to-ship goods in stock. More than 100 spa kits have been sold this month, solon, distributors.
Mechanical manipulation (vacuum +/- massage mechanism)
Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
Facilitates fibroblast activity
c.Reduces the viscosity of fat cells
Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients.
Includes heating at different depths

Велашапе лечебные зоны?

There are four pens for free. The working heads are consumables , each working resource with a long working time of 100 hours.
Functions of the velashape machine:
1.fat reduction
2.smooth skin
3.Body contour
4.Full body skin tightening
5.wrinkle removal, skin tightening,
6.Infrared light to stimulate cell metabolism, enhance skin elasticity
7.improving blood circulation
8.fat melting
9.RF vacuum fat liposuction
10.vacuum roller
How does the machine remove cellulite?

Vacuum rf machine  is the only non-invasive body sculpting product. It combines 4 different technologies: infrared light, bipolar RF, vacuum and mechanical roller massage. The combination of infrared light and HF technology with vacuum coupling provides deep heating of connective tissue (including fiber septa), a process that promotes collagen deposition and an increase in local cellular metabolism, resulting in sagging skin and localized volume reduction. Mechanical organization can lead to a rapid increase in circumference and lymphatic drainage, which are important components of a healthy skin structure. The very safety and unique efficacy of this technology.

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provision of services

Package: Upgrade wooden box packaging, safe transportation

Warranty: 3 years for the machine and 6 months for spare parts. (Professional warranty card)

Services: We will provide you with a tutorial, training operations, training certificate and professional user manual, and we also work with videos.

Tips: The maintenance of this machine is very easy. When you're done, you need to dry the pen with a hot towel, wipe off any remaining oil on the pen, and keep the pen clean


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