Women hair removal treatment SHR machine

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Women hair removal treatment SHR machine

BM14 as a vertical version hair removal machine, it has obvious treatment results for any areas of the body, including the underarm. We can package IPL/OPT/SHR for the BM14 working handle, the most effective is SHR, the super hair removal. 

Important Notice

- SHR method does not work on the following hair of skin types:

Red, grey or light blonde hair

Black skin (it not only does not work but can damage the skin)

- Avoid removing hair by the roots (tweezing, waxing etc) for at least 6 weeks before your treatment.

- SHR can NOT be treated if you have had UV exposure from the sun or sun beds within the past 4 - 6 weeks.

- Bleach, depilatory creams, AHA creams, glycolic or salicylic peels should not be used for at least one week before SHR treatment.

How to get the most effective hair removal result with SHR?

1. SHR works best on fairer skin as it can absorb the intense light easier so you'll find it much more effective if you haven't come back from holiday with a beautiful tan.

2. SHR works best on nice and cool skin, so pick a good time when you're relaxed and not hot from having a sauna or anything else that has got your hot like going to the gym. As all skin types can feel more sensitive on certain days due to hormones or stress levels so give it a miss if that happens.

3. Sweating and anything else that makes your skin moist such as body creams can make the process uncomfortable.

4. Rub conductive gel onto the area to be treated prior to SHR treatment, because this gel acts as a bit like a magnifying glass and helps ensure that the light penetrates as effectively as possible to reach and damage the hair root.

5. Shave the area you intend to treat so the light from SHR reaches the hair root more effectively. As the light creates heat you can singe long hairs which not only smells unpleasant but can damage the SHR head.

(Shaving does not cause future hair growth to grow more rapidly or to become coarser. Only the actual shaved hairs will become coarser, but they will shed, and new growth will be normal. Before hair removal treatments, allow the hair to grow just a little immediately prior to your treatment day, 2mm is enough.)

6. When you first start to use SHR equipment, pls start at the lowest setting on an easily accessible part of your body and gradually build up the energy, if it starts felling unpleasant then you know what your limit is. 

7. A course of 5 - 10 treatments is usually required to treat hairs at all stages of the hair growth cycle, at 3 to 6 week intervals, which varies depending on hair type and colour, and the location being treated. Fair hairs will require extra treatments. White hairs can not be treated.  A maintenance session may be necessary from time to time, due to the development of new hair growth appearing, as our hormonal balance continues to change with age, or due to the influence of stress, illness, disease etc.

8. Treated skin areas should be slightly overlapped to ensure total coverage of the area.

9. Follow the cross technique as shown on the following video, slide handle like cross, treat all through the area in one direction, and then 2nd time on the opposite direction. One treatment include twice slide.

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