The oxyjet machine facial treatment benefits

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The renowned Celebrity Facial treatment, which leads the way in Oxygen therapy with its pressurised Oxygen pressure to deliver energy – the True Alternative to cosmetic injections. Using the pulsed pressure of pure oxygen, beauty tox is ‘shot’ into the deepest layers of the skin. Penetrating to the muscle, this toxin free equivalent to Botulinum Toxin reduces muscle contractions responsible for the formation of lines in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth. It also amplifies the collagen within the skin, filling lines and wrinkles, giving a smoother complexion.

Our new OXYJET express filler treatment strives to convince with immediate visible results: Because of the special selection of active ingredients your client will see a significant improvement of her skin appearance in only 20 minutes:

Tightened facial contours

Significantly reduced expression lines

Firm, fresh, moisture drenched skin

A smooth skin relief

A youthful appearance with increased blood circulation

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The oxyjet machine facial treatment benefits

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