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Nice to meet you friend. Any interest about skin analyzer? It is very necessary for beauty center, skin care center, salon to test the treatment results. In the early 2018, we update the skin analyzer to the new version SA2. 

Compared with old version SA1, SA2 possess many advantages.  

- Its resolution is 20 million pixels, rather than the previous version 15 million pixels.

- More advanced shot system. More convenient and precise to test the whole face, especially for the nose wing and other corners of the face.

- More than 3 kinds of lights, UV, RGB and PL. 

- It has a moisture test pen, testing skin moisture and elasticity, providing more parameters for analysis.

- Suitable for WinXP, Win7, Win8 or Win10 any operation system. 

moisture test pen is the main and popular parts,  it is still under promotion stage, the most reasonable price could be supplied. Retail or Wholesale are both welcomed. Contact me for the best price and more information. 

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