Plasma pen treatment for wrinkles mole

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Hello, dear friend, nice day!

This is LEO from Hcbeauty Group, which is professional in the beauty market, so glad to contact you and introduce the Plasma pen to you.


Our Plasma pen is a Miniature magnetic levitation spot remove pen, with the lighter body design for spot removal and mole removal.

 Plasma pen wrinkle mole removal


*Easier to use

*Leaving no scar

*clean thoroughly

*Do not need to bind up

*No bleeding


The Plasma pen is with 3 needles: 0.3*12mm,0.3*21mm and one copper tip.

You can buy the needles you need from us conveniently.


May we know if you need the Plasma pen for your Clinic and Salon?

How many needles do you need? We can give you the quotation at once received your reply.

Welcome to send us your whatsapp for more detail.

Waiting for your messages back soon:-))

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