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Non Surgical Laser Fat Removal Liposuction Machine Cost

Feature:Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover
Type: lipo laser
Features: lipo laser for Cellulite reduction and body reshape
Style : portable
Dispaly: colored touch screen
MOQ: 1 set
warranty: 12 months

  • LS651
  • Hcbeautytech

Non Surgical Laser Fat Removal Liposuction Machine Cost

Lipo Laser is a non-surgical, Non-invasive, Safe, Pain-Free, laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring system. 


Laser for fat reduction, use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells, broke the cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body, thanks to metabolism. The laser heat can Stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity.


Input voltage

AC110V/220V 50-60Hz

Laser wavelength


Maximum output power


Single output


Numbers of treatment probe:


Numbers of diode laser:



30 minutes Max

Working temperature:

10-40 degree

laser cooling system:

air cooling

Non Surgical Laser Fat Removal Liposuction Machine Cost

Feature of laser liposuction machine: 

1. LS651 has 10 pads(8 big ones and 2 small ones).  

2. There are 10 lights for each big pad(4 big lights and 6 small lights). 

3. The screen can be folded, it is safe for transportation and can save much shipping cost. The frequency is from 1-1000HZ adjustable.

4. The machine also has two modes: Pulse and continuous. Every pad can work separately, also you can combine them to achieve an excellent effects. 

Non Surgical Laser Fat Removal Liposuction Machine Cost


1. Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat

2. Excess fat cell melted

3. Body slimming, cellulite reduction

4. Skin lifting and tightening, Improve orange peel organization

5. Body &  arms, legs  slimming, Fat burning,body shaping.

6. Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism  

Non Surgical Laser Fat Removal Liposuction Machine Cost

Product Inquiry

Online Training

User manual and operation video are provided. Support online face to face training.


Three years warranty on host machine is given. Six months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts. 

OEM/ODM Service

We have our own R&D department with many experienced designers and engineers and many production lines. so we have the great capacity to offer you quality beauty machines according to your needs, ideas and samples.

Professional After-Sale

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help, please contact us once the machine has any problem. Good service will be offered.


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