Matters needing attention - hifu 7d device

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Matters needing attention- 2021 new trending hifu 7d device

Matters needing attention - hifu 7d device

1. 2.1 Precautions before use

 To prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, ensure that it is only used by trained and certified personnel.

 In order to avoid possible injury during the nursing process, please do not operate near the eyes of the patient

 Avoid caring for the thyroid, thyroid cartilage and trachea.

 Avoid direct nursing of breast tissue and main blood vessels.

 If there is any failure or adverse event, immediately stop the nursing program.

 Before taking care, remember to apply an appropriate amount of ultrasound gel in the care area.

 Before outputting energy, check whether the probe is correctly and completely attached to the skin.

2.2 Contraindications (forbidden to be used in the following patients)

 When pregnant or breastfeeding

 Open wounds or injuries in the nursing area

 Severe or cystic acne in the nursing area

 Metal stents/electrical implants in the nursing area

 Bioabsorbable mechanical implants

 Any type of skin infection

 Bleeding disease or dysfunction

2.3 Precautions for illness (Patients with the following diseases should pay attention to and confirm the

appropriateness of care:

 Anticoagulation therapy

 Skin caused by autoimmune diseases, skin cancer and herpes simplex

 Diabetes or epilepsy

 Severe skin diseases

 Exfoliation surgery or heart disease

 Allergies or hyperplastic scars

 Hemostatic dysfunction

2.4 System safety precautions

 To avoid the risk of electric shock, be sure to check the probe, hand tools and power cord before use.

 Do not use a power cord or probe that has been damaged or is leaking liquid.

 Do not remove the cover or hand tools of the host, because it is not allowed to modify the device.

 Do not lean on the device, and do not cause physical external shocks to the device, as this may cause permanent

system damage.

 Do not use equipment with anesthetic gas or flammable materials in the surrounding area.

2.5The steps of using the instrument

1. Before using the instrument, disinfect and wipe the probe used with alcohol, and wipe off the water droplets on the


2. Apply the product (photosensitive gel) evenly to the area to be treated;

3. Before the operation of the instrument, replace the required treatment head, and the energy range from low to

high to the range that the experiencer can bear is better.

4. Keep the treatment head flat against the skin during the operation, and the operation spacing should be closely


5. During the operation, the experiencer should be constantly asked about the comfort level and the adjustment of

the energy level to ensure that the experiencer accepts the experience in a pleasant state;

6. Focus on strengthening treatment in the problem area (increasing energy);

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