Hiemt body sculpt beautiful muscle

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Non-invasive body shaping is the fastest growing market in the field of medical aesthetics. The current beauty equipment market misses too many potential customers, 

1. "You can't exercise muscles with liposuction, nor can you exercise muscles with ultrasound or radio frequency equipment.

"We have some patients with a body mass index between 18-28. They are not suitable for treatment with small treatment head equipment.

, Such as cryolipolysis. "

2. Existing equipment cannot replace hip injection or surgical treatment

We need non-invasive buttocks shaping and lifting treatments, which will greatly increase the number of our customers

Basilisk hip augmentation surgery is very popular now. But how many people can really accept surgery that requires surgery? "

Doctors' benefits in non-invasive body shaping are shrinking

Now new trending HIEMT muscle building machine can help you to do more...

"Ultra Muscle Exercise" stimulates muscle growth

• The gain effect brought by the "super muscle movement" driven by magnetic vibration technology is beyond the reach of natural muscle movement

• Muscle tissues have undergone significant changes driven by "focused magnetic resonance technology"

• Increased muscle fiber volume (hypertrophy)

• This leads to a simultaneous increase in muscle volume and muscle fiber density

Hiemt body sculpt beautiful muscle

Simple operation with high profit rate.

• Each treatment time is less than 10 minutes

• No need for operator monitoring

• 4 times of 30-minute treatments, 2-3 days interval (twice a week)

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