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1) Which is the cost of 2 in 1 hifu machine (model: FU18 /FU18-S2/ FU18-S3)?


According to our sales report, we found that our 2 in 1 hifu machine really really has a big market in Greece. how many units would you like to buy for the 1st purchase, 1 or more? Kindly let us know your QTY to give you the best quotation.


2) How many standard cartridges do you give with this machine?


Normal standard, there are 4 cartridges come with the machine (2 cartridges -3.0mm & 4.5mm for face, 2 cartridges -8.0mm &13.0mm for the body). 

If you need 1.5mm for eyes, welcome to buy some extra cartridges together with the machine.


3) Can you tell me if I have any other consumable products?


Since you buy the 2 in 1 HIFU machine from us, so there is a special offer on the cartridges:


HIFU (1.5mm, 3.0mm & 4.5mm, can be mixed to buy)LIPOHIFU (0.8cm & 1.3cm)

4) Can you tell me how many shots each cartridge has?


For face cartridge, each is 8000 shots.

For body cartridge, each is 600 shots.


5) Can you tell me which is the origin of your transducer and of your actuator?


The motor is imported from Japan :-)


6) What's the frequency of your cartridge?


For face cartridge, 1.5mm is 10MHz, 3.0mm is , and 4.5mm is 4MHz.

For body cartridge, it's 4MHz.


7) Can you please tell me how many shots do I need for a full face therapy?


According to our testing, it needs 200-300 shots for the full face.


8) Can you answer me the same for the body cartridge?


For the whole abdomen, it needs 19-24 shots. 


9) What does shot mean? Is every line one shot? Is it every dot of a line one shot? Which is the shot length? the energy power and the distance?


One shot is one line, which is determined by spacing and length. 

For the energy power, it's from 0.2J to 2.0J, adjustable.


10) Do you have CE certificate, user manual and service center?


All our machines are approved by CE, I will email you the CE certification and user manual in the next email :-)


For service center, it's not available in Greece, but for each machine, we provide 3 years warranty for host machine, 6 months for the spare parts. Lifetime maintains and technical support. Any problem, please contact us directly, our professional engineer and beautician can give you the correct guide.

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