Do you want to buy a beauty machine hifu therapy for face?

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Dear friend,

Good day! We devote ourselves to HIFU core  technology over 10 years , we have researched the advanced 3D HIFU for face lifting and body slimming to support  and expend your business in 2018.

hifu therapy for face

Do you want to buy a beauty machine hifu therapy for face? Welcome tp read more below.

It 's advantage for your reference:

1) One shot total 11 lines and 25mm length ( adjustable)

2) The HIFU cartridge life: 15,000 shots the new design and advanced technology are always the hot cake in the market, and it could expand your market rapidly.

3) 8 different cartridges for different skin depth.

4) While Insert different cartridges into handle , screen will show different treatment area, more accurate than the traditional HIFU screen display. Treatment more accurate, the screen more aesthetic.

5) Super large screen design, 15-inch color screen, external chassis uses the metal material, looks more texture compared to ABS.

6) Machine packing case is a rod aluminum box, easy to carry, except beauty salons also suitable for mobile beauty salons. Inside the case covered with the pearl cotton, better protection the machine, and ensure the safety of transport. When we shipping it out, we will also cover a layer of external cartons on the aluminum case, 100% ensure the safety and clean.

7) A wide range of treatment: facial lifting, wrinkle removal, chest lifting, fat reduction. Multifunctional in one machine, very cost-effective!

8) Fast effect, show the obvious effect on the spot.

9) The distance between the line, the length of the line, the distance between the point, all can be adjusted, operator can adjust the appropriate parameters according to the different customer's skin.

if you're interested it ,please contact me ASAP.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks.

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