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Buy HIFU Equipment for Aesthetic Medicine Center

- Fast, safe and effective treatment
- Advanced technology serves aesthetics
- Face and body lifting
- Video support
- 12 months warranty
  • FU4

  • Hcbeautytech

Buy HIFU equipment 

Professional HIFU face body Apparatus

Highest quality HIFU machine, the biggest guarantee and 3 in 1 technology

Buy HIFU equipment (6)

Buy HIFU equipment (7)

By purchasing professional Hifu equipment, you will be able to provide the best lift without surgery in your aesthetic medicine center. This HIFU +Lipo Hifu +360 hifu machine offers us the best ultrasound technology for face and body lifting, with the novelty of being able to perform a lipolytic treatment with the same results as liposuction.

It is the best Hifu device for facial rejuvenation and topical fat reduction. Results from the use of the device became apparent from the first session and were completed in about two months, all without surgery and without a long recovery period.

buy hifu equipment Features of Professional HIFU LIPO Equipment

The HIFU lift procedure uses advanced and innovative high-intensity focused ultrasound technology specially designed for this type of device. Purchasing a HIFU machine can be achieved without any surgical intervention, unlike traditional lifts that need to go through an operating room.

The device emits high-concentration focused ultrasound energy that is distributed in the deepest layers of the skin, causing a significant increase in the temperature of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (60°-70°). Deep heat is concentrated in the treatment area, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts. In this way, it induces a gradual tightening and rejuvenation of the skin over time.

Find out how to buy your HIFU equipment now!

Buy HIFU equipment at the best price

For face lift treatment and body sculpting, the brand new HIFU device has 3 different types of handles for you to use

Buy HIFU equipment (2)

lipo hifu handles

Buy HIFU equipment (3)

360 hifu handles

Buy HIFU equipment (1)

9d hifu handle

Buy HIFU equipment (4)

hifu equipment before and after

Buy our equipment for full service

*Includes user manual

* Installation video

* Personalized training

*Includes technical support

* after sales support

Technical Specifications of hifu Equipment

Work handles Hifu +Lipohifu +360 hifu in one
Treatment areas Body, face and neck
Work cartridges 12pcs
After-sales service online support, video technical support
Certification CE
Application business use