Better deals just in September

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Better deals just in September 

Super September is coming, and it is also our company 12 years annivesary. To feedback our old customers. Many of our products are in Crazy discount.

Better deals just in September

From 4th, September to 30th, September, some machines are in deep discount. It is the lowest price during our company history. The first day we open the discount, 50 HIFU machines were reserved, 100 pcs body analyzer were reserved, 30 pcs laser tattoo removal machines were reserved. Now the order quantity is still increasing, and the stock will be soon sent out.

Following are some discounted price details about some of our machine, you can reaserch it on our website:

FU4.5-4S, 3D HIFU machine before we sell 3200 USD with 3 standard cartridges, but in September it is only 2900 USD with three standard cartridges. 300$ discount only in September.

FU18-S3, 2 in 1 HIFU & Lipo HIFU, before we sell 2700 USD with four cartridges, but in September it is only 2300 USD with 4 cartridges. 400$ discount.

And there are many other products are in the deepest discount, contact us soon to enjoy the crazy promotion.

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