Best body analysis scale for gym use

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Do you want your gym to be more professional? Do you want to know more about your body condition, then make a targeted plan for body manage?

Our new body analysis scale GS6.7 can show you professional human-body Elements.

Best body analysis scale for gym use

Here are  many advantages of it: 

· Hand electrode is more sensitive and comfortable.

· The machine can connect with the computer directly via WIFI, much easier to operate.

· It can test 25 data about the body, clear and detailed.

· Lots of test value can be detected within 20seconds, TBW, protein, mineral salt, Body fat, and so on.

· Pure black metal material makes the machine cool.

We own a patent for this machine and Our products are all have gone through strict quality inspection. It can help you attract more customers.

I promise it will give you the best experience.

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