7d hifu machine with 2.0mm

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2021 new arrival 7D HIFU Face lift Machine

• Ultrasound Therapy, (HIFU) delivers focused ultrasound energy to the same foundational layer (SMAS) typically addressed by surgeons during cosmetic surgery. 

• Unlike lasers, radio-frequency and other devices, HIFU bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver energy at optimal depths. 

• Results occur instantly however best appear over two to three months as new collagen builds, gradually lifting and tightening

the skin. 

• Slimming process continues for up to 6 months post treatment.

The latest HIFU has a total of 7 probes, which are fully carved and anti-aging, the patented 2.0mm probe has a significant effect on stretch marks, growth marks and obesity marks.

7d hifu machine with 2.0mm

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