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3D Portable Face Visia Magic Mirror Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Technology: Intelligent Skin Analyzer System
Feature:Skin Wrinkle analysis, Pigmentation analysis
Pixels: 28 Million High-Definition Pixels
Software: 3D Simulation Technology+ Artificial Intelligence (ai)
Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Service: OEM ODM
  • SA13
  • Hcbeautytech

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Hottest 3D Skin Scanner Portable Face Skin Analysis Machine

Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots, flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems.

We offer skin analysis machine to help you realize your skin goals and find products that will truly work for you. Your Face test reveals your true skin type and possible underlying causes of skin conditions you might have such as breakout activity, dehydration, sensitivity or uneven skin tone. These insights drive the recommendations we make in your personalized Skin Fitness Plan.

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

The image of each layer of the skin are acquired through the 8-spectrum imaging technology, the skin problems are tested and analyzed in multiple dimensions combined with millions of standard data and deep learning algorithms annotated by dermatology

professionals in the cloud database.


Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

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Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Application of skin analyzer:

1. Skin Irregularities: Skin irregularities that appear on the surface of the skin – freckles, visible sun damage, capillaries, or vascular irritation.

2. Wrinkles: A result of the aging process and are most common around the eyes and mouth. Use Age Defense line and Fabulous Eye Cream to support collagen and elastin production.

3. Texture: High and low points of the skin. blue points show skin indentations; the yellow areas are raised points.

4. Pores: Small openings dispersed throughout the skin. Use Gel Cleansers and Peels to minimize the appearance.

5. UV Spots: Sun damage and spots on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin.

6. Skin Discolorations: Skin discolorations include shadowing under the eyes, moles, hyperpigmentation, and overall tone.

7. Vascular Areas: Redness caused by broken capillaries, inflammation, or the aftermath of breakouts.

8. P-Bacteria and Oil: Porphyrins (natural bacteria on the skin) can become impacted in the pores and can cause breakouts.

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine

Skin Scanner Analyzer Facial Machine